Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lucy laments over the loss of a dearest Jonathan

What can I say? Where do I begin to say what I want to say? Right at this moment, I am in the valley of unbelief and shock. The news is yet to sink in that Jonathan is gone, gone forever from this mortal earth. I still feel like we are gonna meet on Thursday next week...or even tomorrow. Such has been my association with Jonathan...we meet every Thursday of each week to go on advocacy works and excursions. But if for any reason Jonathan is unable to come, he always SMSs me to let me know in advance. But this silence is eerie...Jonathan, where are you?
What can I do? What can I say? The depth of my pain is unfathomable. Infact am short for words...for no amount of words can bring you back...though I wish if words were horses, you will fly in to meet me with the sound and blast of the trumpet...

Yet I have to are gone. But why? Why do you have to go now? Remember our appointment on Monday, 12th March, 2007 at 2.30 PM. Why are you late? It is strange because you are hardly late to appointments...Jonathan, is it true? That you are gone? Jonathan, when will you be back from your trip? I have so much mails waiting for your signature, remember?

Yet you have gone...the reality is there for me to see...I still remember and feel the embrace of your beloved wife...on sighting me on my arrival at your home, she hugged me so tight I thought I was gonna break in two...I saw mama cry bitter tears...and Becky, oh she tried to be so brave, yet the tears came. Did you see us??? Why didn't you come in and say 'Sorry I was teasing, am not dead, I faked it'? That was typical of you..always teasing with that silly smile of yours. Yet the Reality is have reached the end of your journey...this earth was not your home, you were only passing through... on your way to a better place...the better place of the chosen..where there shall be no more tears, neither sorrow nor idyllic have gone, this much I have to believe....

Yet one thing is still live took so many bold steps none ever took and can never take after you. It was you that has that special uniqueness and peculiarity. You it was that took me out of my shell...we didn't know each other before October 2005, yet on our first meeting you made me feel like I had known you all my life. You saw what I never knew I maximized my potentials and took me to heights unknown...oh what have you not made out of me??? You made me a leader..the more you encouraged me the more I grew...only you had that special touch.

Your legacy shall live forever...your achievements speak for themselves...deaf people have a future started by is a long long way and the journey is lonely and depressing..with your spirit guiding us we shall overcome our oppressors...they are so many - injustice, discrimination, exclusion, marginalization, oh I could go on and on...let me not disturb your sleep..sleep on till we meet again to part no more...
See you on resurrection day...Adieu!


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